Northern Sotho: Morphosyntactic Microvariation

Northern Sotho (S32), also known as Sepedi, is a Bantu language spoken in South Africa by 4.7 million speakers. As one of the official languages of South Africa, the speech in this archive is based on the Northern Sotho variety spoken in and around the Mahokone village in the Limpopo province.

北ソト語(またはペディ語 S32)は,南アフリカで約470万人の人々によって話されるバントゥ系の言語です.南アフリカの公用語のひとつで,このアーカイブには,リンポポ州のマホコネで話されることばが収録されています.

Parameters with examples

MPHASHA, Eleazar L., BAKER, Sannah L., MATHEERE, Leften M. and ABE, Yuko (2021) Northern Sotho / Sesotho sa Leboa (S32), In: Lee, Seunghun J., Yuko Abe, and Daisuke Shinagaw (eds.) Descriptive materials of morphosyntactic microvariation in Bantu vol. 2: A microparametric survey of morphosyntactic microvariation in Southern Bantu languages. Tokyo: ILCAA. pp. 333-386. [doi/10.15026/99968]

This database contains recordings of a list of sentences in Northern Sotho.

• All files are annotated at the word level.
• All samples below are for illustrative purposes.
For citing the archival materials, use this link.
• Original recordings that are available upon request are in 16bit and 44.1KHz. [Audio Request Form]

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